Dogs: $28.00 per Day (24hours)

For multiple dogs in the same run, we charge $28.00 for the first one, plus $14.00 for each additional dog

Cats: $20.00 per Day (24hours)

For multiple Cats in the same cage, we charge $20.00 for the first one, plus $10.00 for each additional cat


For those who stay with us a while,
we offer the following discounts:

Dogs will receive a bath after a 7-day stay

15% off the total bill for 15-19 day stays
20% off the total bill for 20-29 day stays
25% off the total bill for 30+ day stays


The majority of our dog runs are 4' x 4' inside with 10' x 4' outside.
for families with two or more dogs, we have some 6' x 4' inside with 10' x 6' outside runs.

Constructed with concrete block walls and dividers, chain link gates and dividers. The floors are concrete inside and out with a hard plastic mesh floor covering on the inside.

The exterior is accessed through a guillotine door, which we control.

The interior floor is heated , providing a clean, even, and effective heat, unlike forced air systems, where the air rises.


Our cat cages are custom built and are roughly 2' deep x 4' wide x 4' tall, with shelves for the cats to jump and lounge on.

We provide food, bedding and bowls.

You may bring your own blankets (must be bleachable), toys, and treats. (we discourage pillow/foam beds, they become wet very fast and are hard to clean and dry)

There is no extra charge if you bring your own food.

We try to keep track of all items brought in, however we are not responsible for lost or damaged items left with your pets.

We do not charge extra to give simple medications.

We do have onsite “resident care” living above the Kennel.
Hans Meadow Kennel Inc
Hans Meadow Kennel Inc
207 Depot St. NW
Christiansburg, Virginia 24073